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Insulating Attics and Roofs

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Choose Your Insulation
How you insulate your attic depends on whether you want a “cold” or “warm” roof space. A cold roof requires insulation at joist level to stop heat escaping through the unused roof space. A warm roof is insulated between and under the rafters of the roof itself. The recommended depth for insulation has been increased recently, so you may have to increase the depths of the joists or rafters if you want to create usable platforms of storage space.

attic insulation roof

Recycled insulation
Recycled insulation is a green and non-itch alternative to conventional blanket insulation. The techniques for laying this are the same, but non-itch insulation makes it a more comfortable process. Check the instructions on the product to ensure that you install it to the right depth requirement.

Blanket insulation
One of the most widely used forms of attic-insulation, blanket insulation is simple to work with — although you should always wear protective clothing, as it can be uncomfortable to handle.

DCF 1.0
DCF 1.0

Before starting, ensure that you have measured the surface area of your attic accurately, and that you bear in mind the recommended depth requirements and order accordingly. Always consider the recycled and natural alternatives to conventional blanket insulation.

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